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toeque arm

What is a Torque Arm?

The torque arm is a connecting link between the reducer and a fixed point intended to resist the torque developed by the gearbox, transmitting the reaction torque produced by the gearbox, and preventing the counter-rotation of the gearbox during operation.

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Let’s Get Some Idea About How A Hub Motor Works

When a hub motor powers up running, it generates some amount of power, torque to rotate the wheel forward so you can go and an equal torque applied to the axle to rotate it in the opposite direction of the wheel. Imagine what would happen if the axle could spin easily? Of course the bike would not go. That’s why both fork ends and the wheel axles have two flat sides, to prevent the axle spin normally.

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This Is Where A Torque Arm Comes In

Think about a much higher motor power which forces the axle to spin! You may end up with distorted or completely damaged slots which can lead to the wheel falling out of the bike when a continuous torque applied exceeds the limit the fork in which it can handle. The greater the hub motor power, the higher the risk.


It’s stainless steel piece engineered.


Helping bicycle dropouts resist the torque of hub motor by transferring the power further up the frame.


Preventing wheel axle spin within the dropouts of the bike.


Torque arm is there to save your bike, your motor, and to keep you safe from unexpected accidents.

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We have a large inventory of stainless steel sheet and can go from design sketch to finished torque arm in your hands in as little as 1 week in quantities as low as 20 pieces. Instead of working with a standard job shop, you will be dealing with a company that is well versed in all the complexities and requirements of a torque arm.


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