Rv Worm Gear Worm Reducer Aluminum Shell Fitting Torque Arm

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The role of the RV reducer torque arm is mainly the horizontal installation of the torque arm; the motor reducer gravity all pressure on the shaft for a long time will not be deformed, increase the torque, Angle balance transition, the protection of the motor and the stability of the reducer, that is, the reducer has no footing, there is no flange, shaft to shaft installation, bearing all on the post. The reducer shell is equipped with a torsion arm, and one end is connected to a fixed position to prevent the reducer shell from rotating. High-speed ratio, compact structure, small volume, stable operation, low noise, reliable use, long life, strong overload capacity, impact resistance, small inertia torque, and so on.

Core Technology 1
Worm gear combined with worm-tight transmission efficiency is high

Copper turbines: High strength, wear resistance, and low energy efficiency loss rate
Carburizing worm: multi-tooth meshing transmission structure running smoothly, low noise

Core Technology 2
Stable operation and long service life

Precision bearing: The use of precision bearing clearance is small, low loss
High-quality oil seal: multi-axis high quality oil seal does not leak oil corrosion resistance

Core Technology 3
The shell is compact in die casting

Grade 1 aluminum: high-quality aluminum heat dissipation fast small volume light weight
Advanced technology: New design is easy to maintain and install

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